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Singapore is the perfect place for great shopping. Full, full of Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Shopping Malls and possibly everything else, you can shop here till you drop. What’s more- at Prada and Miu Miu you may see even newer clothes than in Europe and US.
Chinatown is also a place to buy more than you have in your wallet. This nice, crowdy district is full of Chinese lampions, Made In China stuff and strange food. It’s pretty amazing how one huge cultural group fit on such small area! Really worth to see.

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20140217-072543 PM.jpg

20140217-072554 PM.jpg

Berlin: Wood Wood

20131109-111614 AM.jpg

Wood Wood store in Berlin is a heaven for sneakers lovers. Really. You will find here all types of Air Max, Comme des Garcons X Converse, Gold Nikes and others under one roof! The stores is pretty big, with high shelves presenting coolest trainers on Earth. There are also some really cool printed socks and bags that perfectly match hyper hype shoes… And i simply couldn’t resist to not to buy Nike Air 180 German Edition with camouflage print on the sides. Soon I will post them too! This place is for all shoe-maniacs like me!

20131109-112152 AM.jpg

20131109-112158 AM.jpg

20131109-112205 AM.jpg

20131109-112214 AM.jpg

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20131109-112227 AM.jpg

Berlin: Acne Studios

20131108-091238 PM.jpg
Acne is a Swedish label known for great denim, jackets and shoes that are always kept in a sporty but chic way. The Munzstrasse boutique of Acne Studios is a tiny space that has an amazing installation on the celling ( I think it’s a light bulb spider!) and a lightly constructed, pastel pink table on which the clothes are kept. My favourite piece was the AW13 shirt with this artsy print on… The Berliner style is just up here!

20131108-091954 PM.jpg

20131108-092003 PM.jpg

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Berlin: Andreas Murkudis

20131108-085552 AM.jpg

Andreas Murkudis store in Berlin is definitely not the one that you will find in a shopping guide. I found this place thanks to Instagram, and I am really happy that I was there! The store is located not directly on the street, but in a stone house center. The walls there are pale white with neon lights all over the place. Labels like Celine, Margiela, Dries Van Noten, Kolor and Aesop are all in this huge space! And by the way… Not on perhaps, I arrived at an amazing fashion show of young, Berlin based designers, who were all here because of Woolmark reward! The gowns, sweaters and everything there was so out of this world… Just have a look at this very artistic world located in one store on Potsdamstrasse 81E.

20131108-090403 AM.jpg
Andrea Klussman and Viktoria Heise

20131108-090508 AM.jpg
Wiebke Lebus

20131108-090553 AM.jpg

20131108-090559 AM.jpg
Florian Schulze

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Tuscany: Fiacchini Boutique

20130818-063227 PM.jpg
The Fiacchini boutique in Forte dei Marmi that is a sea resort in Tuscany, is a great space that will for sure catch an eye of every fashionista. With it’s artistic interior full of rabbits, skulls and human anatomy decorations, this store sells hot labels like Celine, Equipment, Saint Laurent, Balmain, Fausto Puglisi and much more with many independent, less know Italian labels that the names I can’t recall. With champagne bottles all around, it feels here very modern and youthful, the clothes full of chic and trend and of course, the best, with individuality!

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