Lugano, The Paradise

On the Southern tip of Switzerland, just an hour drive away from Milan, there’s a paradise called Lugano. I tell you, the sun shines here every single day, regardless of the season. Walk in the Parco Civico with the swans, sit down under a palm, take a sunbath on one of the boat piers, visit the small church located next to the street with all the boutiques or please your eye with the most beautiful vegetables (really!) at the nearby market. This town is forever in my heart and I always visit it when it’s on the way!

All photos by Edward Kanarecki.

Swiss Cool. Bally AW15


I didn’t think I could do another beige trench,” Bally’s creative director, Pablo Coppola explains the vibrance of color in his new Fall collection. When he arrived at the Swiss brand just over a year ago, Coppola set a challenge for the old classics. Before he got there, the 150-year-old company didn’t have much of an identity – it attempts to revive it were usually too weak. Timelessness is a reliable route to timeliness these days. “You do a camel cashmere sweater and nobody says anything, but do it in fuchsia and they all want it,” Coppola explained. The olive-green alligator trousers are amazing, too. The eclectic chic – a bit vintage, a bit modern – was perfectly framed with geometrical prints on silk shirts and handkerchiefs. Bally gets hot. And Swiss fashion starts to be cool, too.






Men’s – Casual Days. Bally AW15


Wow, Bally amazed me. Under designer Pablo Coppola, the Swiss nation’s most famous brand—a 164-year-old shoe manufacturer—is loosening up into something pretty appealing. For his second official menswear season at Bally, Coppola did justice to his surname by turning to cinema for inspiration: “a lot of Wes Anderson, and specifically The Royal Tenenbaums,” he said. That’s visible – the yellow ostrich leather coats and accessorice feel so refreshing and edgy… but at the same time casual. And, Coppola showed the perfect suit I would wear everyday – the beige combo of blazer and tailored pants, styled with a beanie and sneakers.





La Mise en Abine

20130801-101924 AM.jpg
This year, the famous Abbey church is getting slightly more modern than usual. For this year’s edition, a installation situated in the middle of the church, is designed by Swiss artist named Robert Crelier. Entitled La Mise en Abine ,the mesmerising installation comprises two large, extremely precise receptacles in which vast quantities of used oil are contained. Shaped like giant puddles, the sculptures with their shiny, and lacquer surfaces reflect the surrounding, allowing the viewers to interact with the architecture of the church by being pulled into the reflection so that they, in turn, become part of the sculpture itself. This mind blowing piece of art is more about illusion and practicality, than the aesthetical part. However, for me it looks beautiful!

20130801-102434 AM.jpg

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