jun-takahashi UNDERCOVER is the moments hottest underground fashion label that really has it’s punk rebel style being recognized world-wide! Jun Takahashi, the designer of this Paris based and made in Japan label, is definitely the male Rei Kawabuko of fashion. Having his own space at Dover ┬áStreet Market in London and Kinza, his dark, punk and rebellious clothing is for her and him. The SS14 collection for women was full of signs (SNUG, SILENCE YOURSELF) with a sexy leather twist. The menswear too is full of leather gloves and cool pieces. While dicovering UNDERCOVER, I was impressed with the first collections by Takahashi- black masks, chains, rock’n’roll and metallica were all present in one outfit. UNDERCOVER is not so flossy as KTZ, and I totally like it. Jun Takahashi creates a label with it’s own, unique style! And by the way… I have a feeling he would be great at Jil Sander.
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