Where to Go: Biarritz


Here you will find four really cool shops with clothes and others in Biarritz.
At the beginning lets go to Dora Zee on 1 av.De la Reine Victoria. It is a really colourful shop, full of beautiful, artistic jewellery. On the entrance we can hear, how the main owner, Dora is playing Beethoven on her piano. The thing that really catches your eye is the photography of Serafine, Dora’s cat. In the shops asortiment we can find everything what you want from jewellery. Bracelets, rings, broches, collars and even some nice sombreros and hats. One more thing that I loved in this shop was the bench, made out of wood and hand painted. It was bought in Paris, and made in India!

20120706-084403 PM.jpg
After we visit l’Egoiste on 13 rue Gambetta. It is a boutique that mostly have Hackett, a british, made in Italy brand. The clothes are super. Really elegant and on the same time very casual.
However, the interior is the best of all. A lot of old Polaroids and cameras, a huge Vespa standing in the middle and also a large clock. Also a climatic music is played from the iPod. And maybe one more info, but I bought there a super sweater!

20120706-085839 PM.jpg
Before riching the In the Middle shop we went to Miremont for a tea, but that is not important. In the Middle is on 11 rue Alcide Augey and it is my favourite shop of all. I bought there gorgous shoes by Grenson from sale. Tomorrow I will send the photo. The shop has super cool brands like Vans, Tresse, Genson and other small American, British and French brands. And the shop also solds the coolest thing on earth… All of the Lomography cameras! Diana Instant Back, Fisheye Baby and Lomo and many more… I need to tell you the truth that i am not a camera maniac, so I dont really understand all of this staff, but having an old fashioned camera shoud be nice.

20120706-091633 PM.jpg
And the last of all is Monsieur on 6 av.Victor Hugo. It is a small shop full of t-shirts and jeans. The interior is really cool, all around are placed Eames Chairs and others. The shop is kind of a gallery, you can by there interesting, young artists, paintings. And the thing that I bought are the sunglasses made out of wood by Waiting For The Sun. They are hand made and ultra eco. And i also have got a present in a form of a blue scarf with a tiger!

20120706-092337 PM.jpg

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