#InstaLOVE – October 2017

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I am an Instagram maniac and I openly confess that I spend too much time on filtering my feed. But it’s irresistible, when you have so many great accounts to follow! If you’re ready for a dose of beautifully curated walls, inspiring photos and delightful shots – see my October recommendations!

@wilfridwoodsculptor / Wilfrid Wood studied graphics at Central St. Martins, then got a job in publishing. As he puts it in his own words, he got bored of that and applied to train as a ‘headbuilder’ for the satirical TV program Spitting Image. When that ended I became a freelance sculptor. Currently based in East London, Wilfrid’s incredible clay sculptures satirically resemble everyone, from Sir Paul McCartney to Angela Merkel. I love most current venture into fashion world: his Casil McArthur’s head is everything, commissioned for 10 Men Magazine.

@thesartorialist / Scott Schuman‘s street-style shots are nothing new. But I just have to share those two incredible images above – Emiliano Salci and Davide Marello’s outfits. This perfectly pictures my constant style dilemma – edgy pajamas or classy Milano? Can I be both?

@mohawkgeneralstore / With stores in Silver Lake, Santa Monica and Pasadena, Mohawk General Store makes you drool – even if you live on the other side of the globe. Their feed is filled with in-store editorials (note all the Dries Van Noten goodness) and aesthetically gripping shots of the wood-filled interiors. The ‘mood’ pics are great as well. Make sure to visit the Mohawk fam during your next trip to Cali…

@saintrecords / Well, if you love Solannge‘s heavenly music, please follow her (and her bold fashion / hair statements).

AND, if you want to follow one more account on Instagram… why don’t you follow, ta-da, @designandculturebyed?


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