Sé do Porto


I have such a beautiful memory from this major destination in Porto. Originally built in the 12th century, Porto Cathedral (or Sé do Porto) still has the original merlons and twin towers, although the towers are now topped by 18th century additions. It has undergone various alterations over the centuries, the most important additions being the Gothic rose window, the cloisters, the 18th century altar and the rococo doorway. But you don’t notice details like this when in a crowd of tourist. Really, by co-incidence, we had a chance to visit the Cathedral all by ourselves: we came a few minutes before the closing, but the lovely cashier let us go in. Walking around the cloisters as if it was your summer mansion, ahh, what a feeling! You can look at the tiled walls with no haste and see every single tiny fragment (and believe me, the Portuguese loved tile story-telling). And all that in total silence.

Photos by Edward Kanarecki.

Cracow: Cathedral Museum on Wawel

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Last day in Cracow! It was so exhausting because I visited…Wawel! This place is a huge King’s castle, where the legend about Wawel dragon origins. It has a amazing cathedral and museums full of armours, Asian vases, swords and other “medieval” things. But still, my favourite place the Cathedral Museum. There, all Jan Paweł II clothes and furnitures are located. The shoes… I was wondering if these were Del Toro or Christian Louboutin 😄! I saw his cape and even hs favourite armchair! And what I thought was great in Wawel museum were the heads on ceilings…

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Celine sweater, Celine bag, Gucci jeans, Isabel Marant shoes and jacket!

Rome’s Sky

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My favourite thing about Rome are all the cathedrals and churches. And their beautiful interiors! The Byzantine wall ornaments showing the bible, Michael Angelo paintings, and the richness of Roman culture. It always make feel so fresh… My favourite place in Rome is the Church of Maria Traverse that has a beautiful wall on the top… And Vatican’s treasures are mind blowing…

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And it’s again Dolce & Gabbana inspiration- Byzantine decorations or AW13!

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St Bartholomew’s Church

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Meantime, in the break between fashion weeks, I thought it would be nice to write about some design! And here it is- the St. Bartholomew Church in Chodovice design by Jakub Berdych and Maxim Velcovsky. The interior inside is for me fantastic- old walls, baroque columns and or a total contrast white Eames chairs and Verner Panton’s sculptural armachairs with newly cut crosses. And these furniture are for prayers!

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I think this church is totally breaking all the well known stereotypes of the church design, and I think this kind of a prayer place makes you not think about the past, but about the future. But still, I love old, gothic cathedrals and churches, with beautiful ornaments and paintings inside, just like the one in Vienna!

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