Cracow: Cathedral Museum on Wawel

20130430-110007 PM.jpg
Last day in Cracow! It was so exhausting because I visited…Wawel! This place is a huge King’s castle, where the legend about Wawel dragon origins. It has a amazing cathedral and museums full of armours, Asian vases, swords and other “medieval” things. But still, my favourite place the Cathedral Museum. There, all Jan Paweł II clothes and furnitures are located. The shoes… I was wondering if these were Del Toro or Christian Louboutin 😄! I saw his cape and even hs favourite armchair! And what I thought was great in Wawel museum were the heads on ceilings…

20130430-110722 PM.jpg

20130430-110743 PM.jpg

20130430-110805 PM.jpg

20130430-110813 PM.jpg

20130430-110824 PM.jpg

20130430-110831 PM.jpg

20130430-110839 PM.jpg

20130430-110848 PM.jpg

20130430-110855 PM.jpg

20130430-110940 PM.jpg
Celine sweater, Celine bag, Gucci jeans, Isabel Marant shoes and jacket!

One thought on “Cracow: Cathedral Museum on Wawel

  1. I love that castle. I couldn’t believe we had to buy tickets a day in advance to get in, it was crazy! Oh and in one of the sword rooms I accidentally waved my hand and set off an alarm, it was so funny!

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