Rome’s Sky

20130420-034504 PM.jpg
My favourite thing about Rome are all the cathedrals and churches. And their beautiful interiors! The Byzantine wall ornaments showing the bible, Michael Angelo paintings, and the richness of Roman culture. It always make feel so fresh… My favourite place in Rome is the Church of Maria Traverse that has a beautiful wall on the top… And Vatican’s treasures are mind blowing…

20130420-034901 PM.jpg

20130420-034916 PM.jpg

20130420-034931 PM.jpg

20130420-034944 PM.jpg

20130420-034958 PM.jpg

20130420-035018 PM.jpg

20130420-035041 PM.jpg

20130420-035058 PM.jpg

20130420-035111 PM.jpg

20130420-035122 PM.jpg
And it’s again Dolce & Gabbana inspiration- Byzantine decorations or AW13!

20130420-035302 PM.jpg

20130420-035334 PM.jpg

20130420-035350 PM.jpg

Would love to hear what you think!

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