Coolest Brits of 2013

zdjęcie 1-kopia 2 Here is one in a year, super official and fashionable agenda of the coolest British Fashion people of the year! All photographs are by great Tim Walker for Vogue UK December… with the new Vogue editor, sexiest and best Kate Moss!zdjęcie 1-kopia 5After Cara we’ve got Edie. Edie Campbell. She is cool, isn’t she?zdjęcie 4-kopia 5The duo of the London fashion scene, Meadham & Kirchhoff. zdjęcie 5-kopia 5zdjęcie 2-kopia 6CHRISTOPHER KANE!!!zdjęcie 2-kopiaMalaika Firth, model who covered Prada last Winter. She’s so cartoon like!zdjęcie 2-kopia 7Simone Rocha, the candy-bubble designer!zdjęcie 1-kopia 6Gareth Pugh, the darkest (and most creative) young talent under the sun (of Britain).zdjęcie 4-kopia 4zdjęcie 3-kopia 7Sam Rollinson. The Model.zdjęcie 1-kopia 4Nick Knight, the elegance is written in his name.zdjęcie 5-kopiazdjęcie 4-kopiaJ.W. Anderson, the psycho designer who will design for Loewe. That mean a next revolution!zdjęcie 2-kopia 3She looks pretty!zdjęcie 3-kopia 3zdjęcie 5-kopia 3zdjęcie 3-kopia 6Icon of Scottish fashion. Stella Tennant.zdjęcie 2-kopia 5Katie Grand, the editor of LOVE. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.zdjęcie 4-kopia 3zdjęcie 5-kopia 4Stephen Jones, the famous miliner and editor.zdjęcie 3-kopia 5And Karen Elson. The girl that made the year.

“Things” We Saw at SS14

1051788As the Summer 2014 fashion month ended, there are new trends, rumours and facetious moments being summoned on different blogs and magazines. But, here, you will find the strangest, scariest, funniest, inhumane, and coolest things of the season! The venues, shoes, beauty and clothes were taken under consideration, so simply enjoy! (Above: The Givenchy venue showing a car crash in the middle of the runway.)
149mtrkMarco Zanini, who had his last season at Rochas, presented an awful collection inspired with… well everything. I was never a fan of Rochas, but this season it was really eerie to watch this. The above shoes with crystal backs and shaggy front are really creeping out. How is it possible to walk in these? C’mon, Celine yellow fluffy heels last Summer were better!
Givenchy-SS14-Paris-Fashion-Week-22Pat McGrath spent 12 hours on doing these masks at Givenchy with 40 other people. Isn’t it a bit of time-consuming beauty trend? It’s definitely art, but surely it won’t rule at DIY blogs this season. You need Pat McGrath to do it, of course.
access1There was something yeti like about Gareth Pugh SS14 wigs.
YVL_5087.450x675 _D7Q0630.450x675Jean Paul Gaultier and Louis Vuitton (whose designer, Marc Jacobs says bye-bye to us after 16 years) are trending this season a very interesting trend- denim worn under skirts. That seems pretty cool… and definitely mixed up!
CNV00011-630x422J.W. Anderson. In other words, nothing here is simple as you may think.
tumblr_mtk23uJZ0K1qzei6po8_1280 57229433C8173D3D2BB591B0F22198_h498_w598_m2_q90_cbVVPLwQKMarc Jacobs in New York was a fashion epoque mash-up. Victorian era mixed with a beach party and Coca-Cola? I totally buy it. And the blond wigs… so cool! Plus, Cara Delevigne, Edie Campbell, Charlotte Free, Sky Ferreira and Georgia May Jagger where there.
PS SS14 1Proenza Schouler presented a beautiful coat made out of… well, a rug? Who cares, it’s still beautiful. And this clutch…
1051316Seriously, is Sonia Rykiel’s weather forecast is so bad for Summer? Are we goings to wear fur scarves around Paris soonly? Hopefully no, but… This fur looks awesome with these boudoir dresses.
m-467-242847-5-iNBBBzDPd3W3Simone Rocha does crocs next season. With PEARLS. The world is near the end.
1051565Comme des Garcons moved the topic of consumism and art… Definitely Rei Kawabuko’s dresses will be hitting the streets of Tokyo next Summer!
DSC_0380.450x675Chanel will have backbags for Summer! The look like taken from thrift shop, but calm down… They are going to cost about 5000 euros each.

blog_RickOwens2951webRick Owens revolutionized the runway with Soul Step group for his Furious collection. Clothes were blah, but the controversy- totally yes!
9801585686_e6cec28f83Christopher Kane has the best collection in London, presented somewhere on the streets. The inspirations with nature, street style and high technology are so OMG, that the collections landed in my “one of the best” list in my heart. Lovee…

Shaggy. Gareth Pugh SS14

20130926-070830 AM.jpg
So the sun again rose up in Gareth Pugh world. After depressing, heavy collections kept in black, this season is all about blue, white and… Shaggy wigs! The wigs are the funniest thing- they look like made from Charlie Le Mindu hands! This Paris-based designer, known for sculptured, sharp forms and dramatical long dresses, still keeps his characteristic touches in all his collection. For example this white jacket that reminds of a kimono was the same last season. Maybe only the colour changed. Definitely, Gareth is out of Winter depression and we… Well, we will still have it.

20130926-071417 AM.jpg

20130926-071423 AM.jpg

20130926-071428 AM.jpg

20130926-071435 AM.jpg

20130926-071443 AM.jpg

20130926-071449 AM.jpg

20130926-071455 AM.jpg