Shaggy. Gareth Pugh SS14

20130926-070830 AM.jpg
So the sun again rose up in Gareth Pugh world. After depressing, heavy collections kept in black, this season is all about blue, white and… Shaggy wigs! The wigs are the funniest thing- they look like made from Charlie Le Mindu hands! This Paris-based designer, known for sculptured, sharp forms and dramatical long dresses, still keeps his characteristic touches in all his collection. For example this white jacket that reminds of a kimono was the same last season. Maybe only the colour changed. Definitely, Gareth is out of Winter depression and we… Well, we will still have it.

20130926-071417 AM.jpg

20130926-071423 AM.jpg

20130926-071428 AM.jpg

20130926-071435 AM.jpg

20130926-071443 AM.jpg

20130926-071449 AM.jpg

20130926-071455 AM.jpg

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