Saunders Studio

After closing his London-based fashion brand a couple of years ago, Jonathan Saunders, the acclaimed Scottish designer, had the time to rethink how the industry works and whether he still wants to play along its rules. Now based in Brooklyn, Saunders focuses on his other big passion – design. Saunders Studio was founded in 2019 with the objective of creating a brand that blurred lines between genres of design, with an emphasis on color, innovative materials and a graphic sensibility. The designer has recently introduced a line of homeware, producing artful and emotive pieces to add a characterful touch to interiors. The collection draws on Saunders’ distinctive use of vibrant tones and geometric motifs, honed through his study of printed textiles at London’s Central Saint Martins. Innovatively crafted pieces, from fringed cushions and colour-contrast blankets to twisted candles, are the first items available to buy in his on-line shop and on Matches Fashion. Of course, there is also the incredible, fluffy-like-marshmallow knitwear – something I always adored the most in his eponymous fashion label days. All sweaters are knitted in New York from chunky merino yarns, occasionally set with contrasting tasselled patch pockets. Can’t wait to see what’s coming next from Saunders!

Collage by Edward Kanarecki.

Joyous. Diane Von Furstenberg AW17


American women praise Diane Von Furstenberg‘s fashion legacy for her iconic ‘wrap-dress’ – even Carrie Bradshaw used to wear Diane’s timeless design in one of Sex and The City episodes. But honestly, the brand itself didn’t spark much interest throughout the last years and DVF reacted just in time, by appointing Jonathan Saunders as the new creative director last year. That was the right choice, and the designer’s second season at the brand is a clear evidence for that. And it’s not only because of affordable price point for a truly flattering dress. Saunders makes Von Furstenberg a brand you want to observe and LOVE again. Surely, it’s because of his experience with textiles, which he gained at his own, now-closed label back in London. For autumn-winter 2017, Saunders offers the brand’s clients maxi- and midi- silhouettes of V-neck dresses in abstract, retro patterns. Sweet-like-candy fur jackets and fancy, geometric skirts will sell-out in a minute. Oh, and the colours – so addicting, so joyous. It’s good to see Jonathan back in action!


Patchwork Perfect. Jonathan Saunders SS16


For the last few seasons, Jonathan Saunders made the fashion industry slightly yawn. His collections were good, but totally not ground-breaking in terms of design. However, his spring-summer 2016 was like a massive wave on a calm surface of water – bold stripes, sexy cut-outs and appealing silhouettes took over the control. Strong, patchwork game played the main role this time – the floral kimonos and silk, midi-skirts looked sleek and on-point. The suede, pastel-coloured jacket seemed to be the perfect choice for next summer – hopefully, Jonathan will once again concentrate on the clothes, and not whether his collection is 60’s or 70’s enough, as in case of last season.





70’s Twist. Jonathan Saunders AW15


Twisted 70’s. Jonathan Saunders falls into his routine, bringing nearly same prints each winter. Turtlenecks, A-skirts, slightly flared trousers – it all seems to be an old topic. Why do some designers always go into “now I am all about 60’s, but next season I am all about 70’s”? Yes, I understand those were important periods for fashion, but come on – they are constantly repeating. In reality, this collection by Saunders reminds me of Miu Miu Resort 2015 and many other 70’s inspired presentations. Even if we have all those fun and bold prints – Jonathan makes me yawn.