Cracow: Wiliczka

20130429-074513 PM.jpg
Wiliczka is one of the biggest salt mine in the world that was created in 13th century and works till today producing best class salt and containing an amazing air that is very healthy for breathing system. It’s on the list of UNESCO and got lots of chambers and salt sculptures plus a mind blowing museum. And it looks really out of this world!
On the photo above, you can see the Saint Kinga’s chapel that is totally sculpted from salt and works as a usual church. In past it gave hope to all miners and the “Treasurer” in posture of dwarves did the job of helping people and informing them about dangers. What is worth to mention, in this mine a slave have never worked, and the miners were respected! And, I’ve went down like 140 m down the earth threw about 700 stairs and lots of metres foot… Felt so tired that even a Bounty didn’t help! And “stole” like 400g of salt when the guide didn’t look… It was a marvelous adventure!

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20130429-080005 PM.jpg
These salt sculptures that go out from rocks are called Kinga’s hair- after her death, her hair was thrown into deep salty lake on 8th bottom floor (there are 9!) and after years, the hair grew out from holes in stones, forming these natural beauties… But that is just a myth…
And I bought some bath salts, so tonight, in bathroom… Oh, much will happen!

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