Christmas like Dame Westwood

Vivienne Westwood Fashion Show, Paris, France - 1993

Autumn-winter 1993 / Falling, falling like snow.

Christmas morning and it feels like browsing old fashion collections for hours. Vivienne Westwood‘s 90s shows surprisingly (or rather not) feel extremely festive – literally, wish you look like Kate or Naomi, all dressed up in Dame Viv’s crotchet, platform shoes and layers of fur. An alternative, Christmas-themed break-down of Westwood’s style codes – you’re welcome.


Autumn-winter 1995 / When the fireplace is not enough and you drown in your aunt’s felt blankets.


Autumn-winter 1993 / Making an entrance like an eff-ing dame.


Autumn-winter 1995 / I’m cool with wearing my grandma’s knit thingie. once. a. year.


Autumn-winter 1995 / ‘So, who was good enough this year to receive a fetch scarf that will match your fancy beanie I gave you the last year?’


Autumn-winter 1993 – Keeping it classy. I don’t care about Christmas mood, nah.


Autumn-winter 1993 / Baby it’s cold outside, you know.


Autumn-winter 1993 / Another blanket outfit worth investigating.


Autumn-winter 1995 / Alternative Santa look, darling!


Autumn-winter 1995 / The one who got far too many presents.


Autumn-winter 1993 / Bad, bad girl look.


Autumn-winter 1994 / When you realise a human impersonator of Jingle-Bell exists.


Autumn-winter 1994 / Wrapping gifts queen.

More of these brilliant fur looks.


Autumn-winter 1995 / Pre-family dinner, hears something mean ’bout her appearance. Thinks of something savage, shady, yet refined to say during the actual dinner.


Autumn-winter 1995 / ‘Christmas is the perfect occasion to show off’. Hot tip – don’t throw away the present-package ribbons. Reuse!


Autumn-winter 1993 / I’m out of here.

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