(Insider’s) Noto Guide

Welcome to my Noto guide! Here’s a selection of unique, authentic and chic places in the UNESCO-protected, eighteenth-century Baroque town located in the Southern part of Sicily. Prego!

Caffé Sicilia

In the town center, a visit to the outwardly unassuming 124-year-old Caffè Sicilia, whose fourth-generation co-owner, Corrado Assenza, serves almond-milk granita and cappuccino ghiacciato (iced coffee with almond milk granita), is a must. Dessert, like the town’s architectural mix and local dialect, defies easy cultural classification, reflecting the French, Greek, Roman, Arab, and North African influences that distinguish Sicily from the rest of Italy. The cassatina siciliana is to die for, just like the chocolate cannoli.

Corso Vittorio Emanuele 125

Via Nicolaci Pour La Maison

I’ve heard that antique shops in Sicily are a whole different level. But the discreet Via Nicolaci boutique is like a living and breathing cabinet des curiosités.

Via Corrado Nicolaci

Amare Noto

Amare is the best kept fashion secret in Noto. Highly curated selection of Italian and French brands combined with the most charming accessories, basket bags and swimwear. Don’t miss the leather clogs they’ve got in store for the new season!

Corso Vittorio Emanuele 43

Trattoria Fontana D’Ercole

Perfect for semi-casual, semi-fine lunch or dinner filled with timeless, Sicilian flavours. Octopus salad, beef tagliata covered in local cheese, great view on the piazza… what else one needs?

Piazza XVI Maggio 11

Caffè Constanzo

Caffè Costanzo can’t be missed. Their gelato, cannolis and brioches are so, so good. The best place for afternoon espresso.

Via Silvio Spaventa 7/9

Aqua Di Noto

Acqua di Noto’s boutique delivers the most profound perfumes, as well as gorgeous, hand-made jewellery and silk kimono-coats. The brand is a family project, with a story born right here, in the street of the most beautiful balconies in the world, the via Nicolaci. The artistic perfumery has the mission of redefining the value of Made in Sicily. The right place for someone looking for an heritage and exclusive(ly) Sicilian brand.

Via Corrado Nicolaci 13

Rocciola Classic & Design

An elegant and very refined store selling beautiful objects for your home: antique sculptures, retro furniture, unique glassware and other curiosities. It well captures the one-of-a-kind, charming and sublime aesthetic of Noto.

Via Silvio Spaventa 4

Photos by Edward Kanarecki.
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