Schwarzhogerzeil will definitely please you with it’s very personal selection of Dries Van Noten (some autumn-winter 2018 pieces I haven’t seen anywhere else to be honest – like the white pony hair boots), Cedric Charlier or Lemaire. The big, industrial space feels surprisingly warm thanks to hand-picked furniture and a custom-made, wooden table standing near the entrance. Fun fact: Nicole Hogerzeil, owner and founder,  was the one who introduced Isabel Marant to Berlin, having been the first shop to offer her collection (back in the days when Schwarzhogerzeil was still on Mulackstraße).

Torstraße 173 / Berlin

Photos by Edward Kanarecki.

Wilde Heimat

Wilde Heimat is another place I completely fell in love on Mitte’s Torstraße. Looking for 1950s-only furniture and home decorations in Berlin? That’s probably the most perfect spot to dig into. At a first sight it feels like as if Wes Anderson’s production team decided to sell its film sets. Well, I would rather say that it’s Anderson who can look for props right here for an upcoming film.

Torstraße 172 / Berlin

All photos by Edward Kanarecki.

Ganni in Copenhagen


The mecca of Copenhagen’s fashion, Ganni, in brick-and-mortar format. Although I’m not the ultimate fan of the brand, its impressive what Ditte and Nicolaj Reffstrup achieved throughout the years. The label – known for floral dresses, chunky boots and big knits in relatively affordable prices – is not just internationally recognised, but beloved by women of different walks of life. The Copenhagen store, filled with Ana Kraš’ visuals, hand-picked vintage furniture and pastel tones, serves as a well-coordinated space that presents the brand’s new arrivals (note the beaded bucket bags and the  denim capsule line!).

Store Regnegade 12 / Copenhagen


All photos by Edward Kanarecki.

Knokke’s Addresses

Well, Belgium might not be the first place you think of in terms of typically ‘summer’ holidays. But, to a surprise of many, it’s possible to lie for hours near the North Sea and get that vitamin D. And guess what – if you’re lucky with the weather, your tan will be as good as in Italy. So, where to spend a lazy, August day? Definitely in Knokke, which is often referred to as Belgium’s top resort spot. But no worries, there are no crowds of tourists and no madness going on down the beach. Just plenty of lovely beach clubs, pattiseries with Belgian chocolates and very, very chic boutiques that are worth visiting after you’ve read your book, swam in the shockingly warm sea and finally charged your batteries.

La Vie En Rose

This is a small store located just a few feet from the ‘main’ street of Knokke. A refined selection of Marni, Chloé and Dries Van Noten, combined with the rather artisanal, niche labels like Sofie D’Hoore and Tak Ori. It’s hard to call La Vie En Rose a ‘multibrand’, because of its… coziness.

Golvenstraat 13

Blue Princess

The two-floor store surprises with labels that you don’t really expect to see in resort towns like Knokke. Maryam Nazzir Zadeh? Checked. Ganni? Checked. Stand? Checked.

Kustlaan 72

Geoffroy Van Hulle

The first thought when you enter this breathing treasure chest? GORGEOUS. Antique statues; tribal masks from Africa; museum taxidermy; vintage coffee-table books. The list of (very, very pricey) paraphernalia available at Van Hulle’s boutiques is endless. You can’t leave this place without a La Mamounia scent, a perfume brand coming straight from Morocco.

Noordstraat 143



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