When in Zürich. Vetements SS18


Vetements‘ no-show spring-summer 2018 collection was a sensation in its own nature. Instead of a regular fashion show with models (wait – Vetements has never done a ‘regular’ fashion show, if you take a moment to look back at their shocking venue choices…), the designer collective lead by Demna Gvasalia exhibited over 50, real-size photographs in a Parisian warehouse. Photographed and styled surprisingly by Demna himself (no Pierre Ange Carlotti and Lotta Volkova this season…), these were the images of real real people in Zürich. The Swiss capital is the new location of Vetements’ headquarters, so deciding to keep it ‘local’ makes sense. The look-book presents everyone, from elderly women and families to bankers and goth teenagers, striking poses in new-season Vetements.

But is the new-season Vetements really new? If you’ve noticed looks that seem to be a déjà vu from the brand’s previous seasons – like over-sized checked shirts, deconstructed fur coats or a voluminous trench coat – then don’t be surprised. For this season, Gvasalia preferred to contemplate and reconsider, rather than create something absolutely fresh. Some of the pieces were recut and improved from the technical side, while others, like the Vetements signature tea-dress or cult Reebok trainers, went through small alternations (emoji prints, polka dots, surely to become next season’s hits).  From one side, this concept is might be disturbing. Will Vetements stop developing creatively? Well, I doubt it. From the other side, that’s quite relaxing, as the brand suggests buyers and other labels, that its a non-sense to produce two (or more) totally different collections a year. Cherish the classics! Don’t rush for the new pair of shoes, if last year’s platform boots or cigarette-lighter heels will stay in the shops for good. Slowing the pace is right, from time-to-time.

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Collage by Edward Kanarecki.

Zurich: Fidelio, local art and more…

Fidelio is a magic place in Zurich. Why? Because there is this equation: ACNE+MARCELO BURLON+COMME DES GARÇONS=AMAZING SHOP! All the clothes there were marvelous. My beloved piece was the Marcelo Burlon t-shirt with red snakes! I was looking for it like for ages. Then there were also cool Acne boots with turquoise sole… That they were too big for me. I hope they will wait for me next year… And they are on SALE! What’s more; I fell in love with this overloose Comme des Garcons coat with zippers. But it was really unpractical. However the biggest happiness gave me that I could see it! Here are pics of the biggest highlights:

20130101-040946 PM.jpg

20130101-041006 PM.jpg

20130101-041013 PM.jpg

20130101-041020 PM.jpg
And now of the phenomen of Zurich- in big amount of shops there are those small, cute puppies! And the sweetest one of all was the York from Agent Provocateur.

20130101-041237 PM.jpg

20130101-041247 PM.jpg
And the outfit of Lena- Shirt by Schumacher, Skirt by Lanvin, cardigan by Prada, stockings by Alaia, shoes by Isabel Marant

20130101-041703 PM.jpg
And the street art- Twinkle Bell, this yellow, small, flying elf. It was painted on one of the walls of houses.

20130101-041854 PM.jpg

Zurich: Kunsthaus, Balenciaga+Alaia+Myriam Schaefer, City, Swans and more…

First of all, here is the new Lena’s outfit: Louis Vuitton scarf, De Nicola fur coat, Uma San pants, Celine, sweater, Chanel bag, BALENCIAGA shoes!
20121229-070423 PM.jpg20121229-070504 PM.jpg
Today our “journey” on Zurich was the Kunsthaus Museum that was really lovely. And while walking to it I snapped some photos of the old and new Zurich. And I really love those cool antique book shops that are everywhere! 20121229-070708 PM.jpg20121229-070717 PM.jpg20121229-070737 PM.jpg20121229-070725 PM.jpg20121229-070751 PM.jpg20121229-070815 PM.jpg20121229-070827 PM.jpg
In the Kunsthaus museum we had a lot of fun. The collection there of old and modern art was really great. There were artists like Cezanne, Picasso, Warhol, Gaugin and many, many more!
20121229-071026 PM.jpg20121229-071037 PM.jpg20121229-071049 PM.jpg20121229-071058 PM.jpg20121229-071229 PM.jpg20121229-071113 PM.jpg20121229-071207 PM.jpg20121229-071130 PM.jpg20121229-071155 PM.jpg20121229-071305 PM.jpg
For lunch we chose Lumiere. Very good, original Italain food with Italian kind service. Eveything what we are was delicious. My favorite were: beef Robespierre with spicy tomato sauce. Super good coffee and here is a pic of tartar from beef.20121229-072022 PM.jpg20121229-072034 PM.jpg
But in Trois Pommes Studio I have discovered something really mind blowing! Ten years ago, the Balenciaga City Bag rocked the fashion world. The now infamous bags were seen on the arm of trend-setting starlets like Mary-Kate Olsen and at the feet of those sitting front row at every major fashion show. The City Bag was plastered across the pages of magazines worldwide as retailers just could not keep up with the demand for this Balenciaga classic. The mastermind behind this legendary handbag? No, not Nicolas Ghesquiere, artistic director at Balenciaga, but his next in command, Myriam Schaefer. All the talent with half the credit, Myriam Schaefer possesses not only a visionary gift, but the resume to back it up! After extensive experience at the iconic fashion houses of Jean Paul Gaultier, Nina Ricci, and of course, Balenciaga, Myriam Schaefer continues to share her brilliant taste with us as she launches her own namesake line of handbags. Crafted out of the creamiest of luxury leathers, Myriam Schaefer Handbags are the epitome of timeless elegance; this is a handbag for the fashionista.

20121229-103637 PM.jpg
And these are the new Alaia high heels. What do you think about them?

20121229-103753 PM.jpg
In Zurich, now in the river there is a lot of swans. Those are really beautiful at night! When they are swimming all around it feels so romantic! I think they should be an simbol of Zurich. Don’t know why, but they have sth characteristic in it….

20121229-104232 PM.jpg
The last thing of today- the Tao restaurant! I think it’s my favourite restaurant in whole Zurich! The tuna there is so fresh, Dim Sum is so good and the Bento Box is so amazing! I’m just in love with it!

20121229-104440 PM.jpg

20121229-104450 PM.jpg

20121229-104500 PM.jpg

20121229-104515 PM.jpg

Zurich: Flowers, MDL, Trois Pmmes, Architecture, Italian Food and more…

Today there was a shiny day in Zurich and for sure the flower shop next to the hotel had a new collection of roses.

20121228-062949 PM.jpg

20121228-062954 PM.jpg
Then we went to Trois Pommes Studio for Alaia, and then to Looq, where I really fell in love with the bison leather bag.

20121228-063228 PM.jpg

20121228-063238 PM.jpg

20121228-063250 PM.jpg
But the discovery of the day was MDL a modern shop with cool casual pieces of unknown designers. I reall liked the amount of scarves there: every colour and print was there!

20121228-063418 PM.jpg

20121228-063427 PM.jpg
For lunch we chose a very nice Italian Restaurant called Cantinetta Antinori. I ate some delicious buffalo mozarella with parma ham and spaghetti with veal. Yummy! And here are pics of architecture and river of Zurich.

20121228-063655 PM.jpg

20121228-063706 PM.jpg

20121228-063729 PM.jpg

20121228-063744 PM.jpg

20121228-063751 PM.jpg
And in the English Bookshop I bought this:

20121228-063951 PM.jpg
A great book of bloggers! I truly recomend this!
For dinner we chose Hummer Bar, a lobster restaurant. However we didn’t order a lobster. But we chose salmon with blinis, tourbot, plat of seafood, sole and oysters. Ok, in one word: horrible! Dont try to go there! Oysters were unfresh, turbot was from freezing machine, plat of seafood wasn’t a seafood plat. Sorry, but this the worst fish restaurant in whole Switzerland. But the day was still wonderful! 😀