Interview with Francis Kurkdjian


He knows how to talk about perfume like no other, using images that speak to everyone. Born an artist, Francis Kurkdjian became a perfumer. Through an association of ideas because he has a feel for his times, a desire to tell beautiful stories and curiosity about people and raw materials. For the pleasure of giving pleasure. For an attraction to taking risks – the antidote to boredom. Meeting up with Francis Kurkdjian for an interview is not that easy – being a world-famous perfumer makes you think and care about your own maison all the time. But during his arrival to Warsaw last month, I had a great opportunity to talk to Francis about his perfumes, inspirations and of course, fashion!

Francis, what inspires you while creating fragrances?
Diversity, travelling, modern life, lack of rules. The so-called hidden part of creation. Something you do not see.



 What ingredients do you use? And why?
If you are writing a book, you need a story and letters. My words are materials which I use. It is a very abstract usage – oud, amber.

Do you believe in power of aphrodisiacs?
No. It is based on people’s imagination of “love being a scent”. For me, it doesn’t exist that way.



What do your perfumes convey within themselves?
Memories and extraordinary emotions which can be created by the connection of sense of smell and a perfume. Also, I am trying to bring on something new within my fragrances – something the nose doesn’t know.



As a perfumer, I think you should have some interest in fashion – do you have your favourite designer(s)?
Yes, definitely! Rick Owens, AMI by Alexandre Mattiussi (who is my friend) and Nicolas Ghesquiere when he created for Balenciaga. In fashion, I value comfort that makes me feel free in my clothes.


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