It’s Friday and That’s Ashish!


Diana Ross and her I will survive song; neon-shaded afros; a lot of dazzle and glitter. And you’ve got Ashish‘ austumn-winter 2016 collection, which is your Friday night outfit inspiration! Sending out a line of diverse models, Ashish Gupta has presented the most fun collection of the season, making us all forget the daily-life problems. That’s why we have Fridays, and these great evenings – to loose ourselves to dance. Possibly, in one of these gold smoking suites or red cocktail dresses, please!


A little ‘slip dress’ never killed nobody.


When you’re out of the gym and heading to a booze party. Basically, these sweatpants will keep you comfy.


Your crrrrazy Easter look.


Or something more Chez Castel, meaning a night of your life in Paris!


A Diana Ross themed party, of course. The only rule – everything should be lilac purple, or you’re out.


Red lips, red dress, red manicure – just another, average Friday night out.


Would love to hear what you think!

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