Cats, cats, CATS!


La Mania AW16

Some love cats, some hate cats. To be honest, I’m somewhere in between, as I have a dog, and I can openly call him my friend. But “cats” in fashion is a totally different story. They are always associated with cuteness, which often goes in a pair with commercial success. An animal-loving lady with some cash will surely give in for another kitty on a cardigan or a bag. Throughout the latest seasons, we’ve seen kittens and wild cats everywhere, from Miu Miu‘s resort 2016 cowboy boots to knitwear at N21‘s pre-fall collection. At Loewe, Jonathan Anderson presented a “curated like an art exhibition” show, and shocked every editor with his eclectic resin cat necklaces. The biggest cat-lover of the industry, Grace Coddington, was impressed. Next, we had another big cat moments at Stella McCartney and Gucci – the first was absolutely adorable with Lineisy Montero holding a really grumpy, yet sweet kitty; the latter felt like an ode to a nutty granny with a cat-filled flat. But in fact, it was Joanna Przetakiewicz, a Polish designer behind La Mania, who put the most effort in making a cat motif important this season. A result of 90-hour long handwork is an embellished panther detailing on a velvet cape – priceless.



Gucci pre-fall 2016


Miu Miu vintage flats


Miu Miu resort 2016


N21 pre-fall 2016


N21 pre-fall 2016


Loewe AW16


Stella McCartney pre-fall 2016


Loewe AW16


Stella McCartney pre-fall 2016


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