Freud’s Office. Loewe AW16


“You are completely relaxed, completely at ease . . . .”

Jonathan Anderson‘s brilliant collection for Loewe felt like a Sigmund Freud’s psychotherapy, which entered your mind. The waiting-room beige shade of Maison de l’UNESCO and the designer chairs from mid-20th century made all the guests relaxed, and feel calmer, even though the Paris Fashion Week’s stir and fuss continues. And, it was a great occasion to see Anderson’s latest vision for the brand, with his artisan touches, eclectic accessories and fabulous bags, which are Loewe’s signature. The clientele of the Spanish label, who supposedly is a base of middle-aged women with an interest in collecting contemporary art and rare furniture, will surely fall in love with these arty mesh skirts and dark tan leathers. “Curated” is as important in this collection, as in the live of these women. The resin cat necklaces came out of the blue, giving an edgy twist to the collection. The minimal corsets were covered with pleats of gold, just like the Arizona totes. Some of the handbags were worn in doubles, while other were made from fringed, oriental textiles. In comparison to last season’s overload of plastic pants and senseless silhouettes, this time Anderson delivered a strong collection, keeping Loewe on the season’s “highlight” list.


Slide1-kopia 3




Slide2-kopia 3


Slide1-kopia 5

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