Bologna – Not Just Bolognese


Before, when I heard about Bologna, I instantly thought about food. Maybe because Bologna’s cuisine is said to be the best in the entire Europe – and not just because of the Bolognese sauce (by the way, the locals don’t use that name – they call it simply ‘pasta with ragu’). But visiting Bologna made me realise how beautiful this city is, not just from the taste buds’ aspect. The old city centre is filled with remains of its medieval history: countless towers, palaces, churches and brick facades. The San Petronio Church is especially stunning, with its marble floors and neck-breaking ceiling heights. Make sure to visit Palazzo dell’Archiginnasio, contructed back in 1563. There, you will find the all-wooden Teatro Anatomico, so the place where the human corpses were dissected in front of the medical students for educational matters the first time in history (note that Bologna is the city of some of the oldest universities in the world). In the same building, there’s the mind-blowing library, mostly closed for the tourists. But still, the view of it from behind the see-through doors is quite something. Also, we went to Pinacoteca Nazionale, the ‘richest’ museum in Bologna – but it was quite a disappointment. It served as a good starting point for the long walk back to the centre. When you’re in Bologna, take your time to ‘get lost’ in the streets of this magnificent, red city – or else you won’t really feel it

I will post my favourite addresses in Bologna soon!

All photos by Edward Kanarecki.

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