Brasserie Warszawska

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Brasserie Warszawska is currently the most fashionable restaurant in Warsaw. It’s known for best quality, but simple food using best quality Polish ingredients and foreign goods like Dutch oysters or truffles. The interior is simple, while there’s a beautiful, old bar made of zinc. 60’s lamps ooze with Polish cinema old glamour. If talking of the food, it’s… awesome. Just perfect. The essential to try out? For sure take the signature plate of fried oysters for a try! When I initially put them into my mouth, they were so crunchy and delicate in taste. Meanwhile, others tried a beef tartar, and they loved it, too.

Górnośląska 24 / Warsaw

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  1. So going there in March! Can’t wait. (Hey do you know anything about the Champagne Bar? It’s on Mokotowska…. I’ve been curious about it)

    • If you mean the Flamenco Champagne Bar on Mokotowska, it’s quite poor… If you want to try out a real culinary experience you need to visit Concept 13 in Vitkac and Tamka 43 that is next to the Chopin Museum!

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