Sydney Mix. Ellery AW14

20130410-100529 PM.jpg

Sydney Fahion Week is done, and when I saw the relation of Ellery collection at Style Bubble, I was like “This is great. This is better. Everything is perfect!” This label’s deigner is Kym Ellery, a most popular fashion girl in Australia. For her runway Hanne Gaby Odiele, Ruby Jean Wilson and even Julia Nobis come out.
So, into the clothes. The Ellery girl is a mix of New York and Paris as for me. It’s edgy (lots of Maison Martin Margiela influences” a bit Suno\Proenza Schouler like. But in different way. The clothes tend to be simple, but in reality it’s opposite. They are very female and sexy. And interesting! Great use of materials, beautiful flower print on pants, bubble sweatshirts, lace and fur and lots of white/gold. Beginning is more casual and a bit street, the end- I would say “this is how a Sydney couture would look like!”. So I’m crazy for moment about Ellery, and hope to see other awesome collections by Kym! Impressed!

20130410-100537 PM.jpg

20130410-100543 PM.jpg

20130410-100550 PM.jpg

20130410-100609 PM.jpg

20130410-100614 PM.jpg

20130410-100620 PM.jpg

20130410-100626 PM.jpg

20130410-100634 PM.jpg

20130410-100640 PM.jpg

20130410-100650 PM.jpg

20130410-100656 PM.jpg

20130410-100701 PM.jpg

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