La Piscine de Jacquemus

20130414-064045 PM.jpg

French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus chose to show his Fall ’13 collection at a public pool in Paris’ Bastille neighborhood. Fitting, considering the range was inspired in part by French actress Isabelle Adjani and her 1984 hit song and swim-centric music video, “Pull Marine.” Dreaming of Adjani in the water led Jacquemus to formulate a “tender” ideal of classic French sportiness with a hint of “Cocorico” patriotism.
Jacquemus gave homage to his homeland, France showing the patriotic flags on the shirts. Evident in his white, red, and blue palette and the fabulous white shirt with a Tricolore pocket. Other standouts included a cropped crewneck jacket paired with a low-slung pleated skirt, sweater-skirt combos, a T-shirt dress with trompe l’oeil red bathing suits, and lots of navy and white pin-striped cotton. This label is on my Hot list (the pool idea is stunning) and as for me it’s a bit similar to Julien David! Like if even Jacquemus was trained by David…

20130414-064116 PM.jpg

20130414-064144 PM.jpg

20130414-064202 PM.jpg

20130414-064215 PM.jpg

20130414-064227 PM.jpg

20130414-064257 PM.jpg

20130414-064307 PM.jpg

20130414-064319 PM.jpg

20130414-070049 PM.jpg

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