No Muses at Prada

20130418-083446 PM.jpg
This is what Miuccia said. That’s true. Who need muses? All women are muses for Prada, not only one, skinny starlet that doesn’t know how to count to three! The AW13 show is the best example of this what Prada thinks. Sexy dresses with cut shoulders, aviator sunglasses, 50’s red skirts, fur and heavy boot. This is the new “naive” girl of Prada. It’s sweet in own way but at the same time super sexy- the models had wet hair that were very hot… That’s the new beautiful “ugly chic” Prada presented many years.
P.S. Something about Prada is going to happen in May on my blog… Be tuned!

20130418-085552 PM.jpg

20130418-085605 PM.jpg

20130418-085617 PM.jpg

20130418-085628 PM.jpg

20130418-085640 PM.jpg

20130418-085652 PM.jpg

20130418-085708 PM.jpg

20130418-085720 PM.jpg

20130418-085730 PM.jpg

20130418-085741 PM.jpg

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