Myanmar: BAGAN

20140212-050233 PM.jpg
For these few days (as you may notice because of my blog absence) I was in Bagan- the town in the centre of Myanmar. It’s known for the 3000 pagodas that are spread all around the place. To see the city in it’s whole beauty, we had to fly up with a hot air balloon- the flight together with British pilots was a experience to remember for whole life! Later, we saw around 15 pagodas and temples that have so strange names, that would be a non-sense to list them all. Although, one of them- Ananda Temple- definitely showed off most with it’s beautiful Burmese architecture and four huge Buddhas. Although Bagan is very beautiful and silent, I must admit all these pagodas make my head burn. And temples/monasteries! All made from tick or brick. And most of them look pretty same, keeping it’s adorable peace. But- still, this amazing architecture and atmosphere can be met only here! 20140212-050336 PM.jpg20140212-050608 PM.jpg20140212-050628 PM.jpg20140212-050621 PM.jpg20140212-050636 PM.jpg

20140212-061900 PM.jpg

20140212-061926 PM.jpg

20140212-061908 PM.jpg

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