Jacquemus En Greve

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I would say that Simone Porte Jacquemus is not a typical fashion designers. His is creating fashion, that is much more conceptual, but at the same time a lot more wearable than you would think. Yes, maybe neoprene dress sounds cosmic, but at Jacquemus, in pigeon blue, it looks not pretty, but… childish? A bit femme enfant (that was the name of his AW14 collection)? Jacquemus is a brand that reminds me somehow of Rei Kawabuko’s Comme des Garcons. It’s individual, different. It won’t be copied by Zara. With the models characteristically wearing white Adidas sneakers and white socks, Simon is true to his own style- well, he also dresses like that. Always white Adidas sneaks with white socks and a Comme des Garcons white shirt.

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zdjęcie 4-kopia

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The AW14 collection was all about childish way of thinking. Round, coloured dots appeared on the transparent skirts and tops, while a lot of neoprene literally hung from white strings of cotton. Everything was all about sophistication is simple, usual things. Meaning, the imagination of a child. And, as Simon says, he feels like on! Je m’appelle Simons, j’aime le bleu et le blanc, les rayures, le soleil, Marseille et les annees 80 is the typical way he starts a conversation. So what to expect? This is a new movement in fashion (or maybe a strike- greve) against being serious!

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