Cai Guo-Qiang

zdjęcie 1-kopia

Cai Guo-Qiang is the moment’s artist, whic uses fake animal figures in his monumental installations. His current exhibition called “Falling to Earth” happens at GOMA Art Gallery in Australia, and it’s situated in a huge, white space, where the only sound heard are water droplets falling down from the ceiling. Here, you might see wolves replicas flying in the air and a huge crystal blue pool, from which such animals like leopards, polar bears and tigers drink… “My idea of making this work is not to do any criticism or replication but to focus on what it means for sculptors to create realist sculptures in the time the work was created. …The end goal is not to make perfect sculptures and have them exhibited elsewhere and then have them collected somewhere. The key is to focus on the process of fabrication of these artworks, to pay attention to the process of the artists making these sculptures, rather than where these sculptures will end up and how they will look in the end.” said the New York based artist. Surely the idea has a very strong aim… what do you think of these a bit creepy installations?

zdjęcie 3

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