Gucci & Her Shoes


The creative director behind Gucci, Alessandro Michele, revives classics in the most refined, yet eccentric way that’s possible. To celebrate the season’s shoes that are on everybody’s lips, I’m happy to release the photos I took during my May vacations by the Polish sea-side. I thought that Ciekocinko Palace, with its splendour, 100-years old wallpapers originating from San Francisco and a respectable collection of historical books would perfectly match the elegance of Michele’s must-have shoes. The double G hardware, styled in a gold-toned, antique fashion, is set on the famous “jet-set” striped strap of these mid-heel loafers.  The devil is the detail – both heels are embellished with pearls and studs, and the back is designed to be worn with the heel folded down or up (a comfortable shoe-trick favoured by Italians). Don’t they look like an irreplaceable detail of the palace’ interior?

Shop them here#GucciGram.






All photos by me.

2 thoughts on “Gucci & Her Shoes

  1. This post is literally so beautiful, like it made me speechless, i want these shoes so much, like i cont even describe

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