Brutto Gusto

Whenever I’m sure I know Berlin well, it proves me that I’m completely, completely mistaken – that’s the charm of this city! Even Mitte, a neighborhood that is often referred to as no longer off-beat, but not yet mainstream, has some secrets hidden from me, especially on the Torstraße (that doesn’t just end on Soho House Hotel). One of them is Brutto Gusto, a place that’s blurring the lines between a flower shop and fine arts gallery. You will find here both, a delightfully big, blue hydrangea, and a ceramic artwork with a 13,500 euro price tag. Like one of those Carolein Smit‘s sculptures, that are temporarily exhibited at Brutto Gusto (until 12.01.19). Smit explores disturbing motifs, that simultaneosly repulse and attract. But when you notice the meticulous craftsmanship that is involved in every work of hers, there’s no way you will turn away from it. The place as well sells artisan pots, vases and glassware, all that coming straight from the studio.

Torstraße 175 / Berlin

Photos by Edward Kanarecki and via

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