Domenica More Gordon x Arts & Science

Sometimes, completely out of the blue, you discover something truly incredible on Instagram and can’t stop thinking about it. Artist Domenica More Gordon adds a special touch every year during Arts & Science‘ holiday season. This year too, her charming works are joining the highly-curated Japanese store (which actually requires separate post!). As a special project for 2020, Arts & Science received her one-of-a-kind handmade embroidered mini-bags from Scotland. Domenica has personally sewn by hand her dogs, birds, and plants on original A&S fabrics combined with her collection of used leather from horse gear. The handsewn features is like a good luck charm – an “amulet” as well as being functional bag to keep small items. The embroidery work unique to Domenica is a must see, the pieces reflect the exact same touch of her illustrations – but this time sewn onto an accessory. In the artist’s words, “I made these bags to contain not just the small essential items of modern life, phones, credit cards and keys, but also the larger and less tangible things like joy, pleasure and happiness. I like to think of them as practical amulets to help fend off the unsettling nature of these times. Making these bags gave me huge pleasure and I hope that they may do the same for you.” The 12 pieces are up for sale as a “blind auction” on Arts & Science on-line store. In addition, the pieces are exhibited at Arts & Science Aoyama until, well, today. One of those bags would be an amazingly charming gift!

Would love to hear what you think!

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