Vivienne Westwood Forever

I’m lost for words. Our culture has lost another legend, the ultimate DAME, the truest punk, the Queen of British fashion, one of the most caring souls in this industry, a real activist who never cared about the establishment, the one and only Vivienne Westwood. Thank you for teaching us that fashion can be absolutely something more than just clothes, it can speak volumes and be political. Rest in Peace, Rest in Power. You will forever stay in our hearts, and your work and contribution will keep on inspiring. Deepest condolences to Andreas Kronthaler, her loving life-partner, and her family.

Collage by Edward Kanarecki.

One thought on “Vivienne Westwood Forever

  1. Like no other… She will continue to amaze and inspire but for now, we’ll mourn the loss of a true pioneer and force of nature.

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