Paris Fashion Week SS12 Higligths

Dior- Raf Simon’s debut. Our favorite Dior collection that was shown in those 10 years! Minimalism mixed with sequins and great lite materials and colours. Those are clothes for women to buy and wear. We are totally for YES to Raf Simons!Saint Laurent- The next hot debut but not as good as the first one. Hedi Slimane for YSL. In other words, wild west and sexy cowgirls. For me nothing new, however world critics graded it for a 5+. Alber Elbaz told as it was “very YSL”, Pierre Berge said that Hedi understood the style of YSL and Kate Moss ensured as that she wants everything from the show.Chalayan- A great collection. The mix of prints, casual denim on dresses and does extraordinary hats are just the key trend for this summer. Louis Vuitton- Oh My God. A total fail. Too much of colourful check patterns, colourful pants, colourful shoes and tops!!! The only interesting thing about the show was that the models were transported by the elevators. Marc, next time have bigger distance to colours and check pattern!Celine- Till now I don’t understand, what was sitting in the head of Philo Phoebe when she was designing those clothes. We know she was pregnant, but the hormon storm doesn’t change anything! Those are not ironic projects, controled kitch. This is just a fashion horror.  This is unfortunately one of the worst collection for this season. However the bags are wonderful!Alexander McQueen- Honey bees were in the details at Alexander McQueen’s spring 2013 collection, which drew inspiration from queen bees presiding over the nest. Gold collars shaped like bee clusters and hexagonally-woven hats seemed both ominous and protective on the runway. But what caught our eyes were the regal details like this red cotton off-the-shoulder dress, reminiscent of the neckline and sleeves popularized under Queen Victoria’s reign and updated with a plunging v-neck. And that was a really interesting collection, I should say!Balenciaga- The inspiration of the show- ballette show of Murice Ravel, Bolero ( when Cristobal Balenciaga, his label was designing in 30’s the costumes for the show). The skirts with flounces, and white tops are making as thinking about classical Spain, and the peaceful and delicate coloristic makes it more modern.Felipe Olivier Baptista- I see here a brand new hot brand on horizon! It is Olivier Baptista. This season he showed as creative ways of wearing spoty, French chick with classical beige sandals and colourful prints.Miu Miu- We understand that Miuccia Prada love sfurs, but that doesn’t mean we need to see at Miu Miu’s Summer collection! The colours are very dull and unpleasant, those safrocs and pijamas are the best for a cold nigts and I still can’t understand what the hell was the main topic of the collection… I liked more the Prada collection for this season- however the shoes there were much more worst than those here.

Stella McCartney- Sporty, fresh and modern. We LOVE it! Paul McCartney, Stella’s dad, said that the collection was “quite wholy”! :)Maison Martin Margiela- Quite boring collection. Minimalism to the power of 2. Clothes were unfashionably too big on models. However it was quite “kind to an eye”. I mean, have a look at LV show and compare with MMM.Chanel- One of the best shows. Clothes were classical but with a note of youth and modern.  The colours and shades are perfect for summer, and we know already that the pearls are bag in fashion. This collection is great from lots of reason but this one is for sure the truth- it is Chanel!

Fashion show is unfortunately finished. There were lots of good and bad collections for summer… We saw New York, Milan, London and Paris and in reality all were super cool!!!

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