Meeting Vika Gazinskaya

20130326-072756 PM.jpg

20130326-072902 PM.jpg

20130326-072958 PM.jpg
Guess who I met today on Saint Honore? Vika Gazinskaya who was coming back from shopping in Colette!!! Vika is a fresh, seriously talented russian designer that is based in Paris. I was writing about her recent collections some time ago and she is the one who designed these fantastic fox muppet scarves! She is also a street style star, and always looks awesome in her crazy looks! As she said, her clothes will be soon on and and are ALREADY sold out from Colette! I was so excited and now really happy that I met her! My dream came true! 😃🇫🇷😃
And here are her my favourite designs from Vika’s 2013 SS and 2013 AW!

20130326-073121 PM.jpg

20130326-073137 PM.jpg

20130326-073157 PM.jpg

20130326-073612 PM.jpg

20130326-073628 PM.jpg


  1. She’s perhaps the only clever and self-dependant lady in the Rus fashion world. Or French? ;-) But she’s smart. Real smart & clever.

      • Ulyana is a chick who’s got happily married to an oligarch. That’s all there is to her.

      • Her designs are a bit I would say primitive and too artificial. Gazinskaya is sophisticated and modern at the same time!

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