Chloe Attitude on Saint Honore

20130326-110047 PM.jpg
There is a brand new Chloe boutique in th middle of Rue du Saint Honore next to Mandarin Oriental Hotel that’s just genius! This boutique was possibly opened because of the 60th Anniversary of this Parisian label that was taken under the wings of Karl Lagerfeld to Phoebe Philo. The shop has two beautiful floors decorated in beige and white with classical furnitures, giving a light effect. And, the boutique is totall like Chloe clothes! Delicate and classical!
What came into my eye was the flash from the past dresses, shirts and trousers with jeweled arrows on sides that were designed in past by Lagerfeld and the metallic coloured shoes on the first floor. But much more things was there- for example two classical Chloe bags revisted- one exclusively for the Saint Honore edition and one… For the Mandarin Oriental Hotel!

20130326-110745 PM.jpg

20130326-110808 PM.jpg

20130326-110908 PM.jpg

20130326-111004 PM.jpg

20130326-111023 PM.jpg

20130326-111041 PM.jpg

20130326-111130 PM.jpg

20130326-111227 PM.jpg

20130326-111245 PM.jpg

20130326-111301 PM.jpg

20130326-111445 PM.jpg

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