Favourite Addresses in Paris


COLETTE on Rue du Saint Honore
Colette is a highlight for every fashionista in Paris. Labels like Marc Jacobs, Rodarte, Kenzo, Celine and Christopher Kane got their place here together with dozens of great magazines, music and things you need to love! I’m totally a fan of this fantastic place. First you can find here great people, then find great pieces of clothes (I found two great things), Coca-Cola by Marc Jacobs (got it!) or CR Fashion Book and I-D (of course I do have it!).

20130326-090801 AM.jpg

20130326-090659 AM.jpg

20130325-101612 PM.jpg

20130325-101625 PM.jpg

20130325-101653 PM.jpg

20130325-101719 PM.jpg
CELINE on Avenue Montaigne next to l’Avenue restaurant
A real fur land for this season! These shoes are fantastic even if they are ugly! In various colours, as sandal or heels, they do have their horrible price! As I talked with the Celine person, the most popular are the black fur sandals. The heels are just scarrying because of the price! I truly fell in love with the dresses with net on them- so sexy and modern!

20130325-102153 PM.jpg

20130325-102240 PM.jpg

20130325-102336 PM.jpg

20130325-102348 PM.jpg

20130325-102417 PM.jpg
DIOR on Avenue Montaigne
What can I say. The clothes are just a clean elegance and beauty- but the shop? Ok. The shop is also beautiful, but it’s not Raf Simons but still Galliano. The clothes and atmosphere are biting each other. Thanks god they changed the service because it was horrible last time I was in Paris! The dresses are breath taking. So delicate and fragile! But the shoes were unfortunately a disapoinment. Looked kitch and cheap. This rhymes eve

20130325-103248 PM.jpg

20130325-103309 PM.jpg

20130325-103333 PM.jpg

20130325-103421 PM.jpg

20130325-103513 PM.jpg
BALENCIAGA on Rue Victor Hugo and Saint Honore
That was a big pleasure to see unfortunately the last time designs by Nicolas Ghesquiere. His designs are so lite and flowless! The shoes with cubic heel are just the hottest thing this season and I loved the bags! Small and practical, looked like boxes! Fromclothes there was only the resort collection… So no ruffled dresses and skirts inspired with ballet Bolero.

20130326-084618 AM.jpg

20130326-084635 AM.jpg

20130326-084650 AM.jpg

20130326-084706 AM.jpg

20130326-084745 AM.jpg
LOUIS VUITTON on Avenue Montaigne
The square power! The welcome sign that it’s all LV, were the squares on windows! Inside the first thing I see are the beautiful dresses full of yellow squares. The shoes with a pointy nose are very 60’s and at the same time modern. They were in two types- with md heel and a high heel- but I liked more the mid one.

20130326-085331 AM.jpg

20130326-085349 AM.jpg

20130326-085437 AM.jpg

20130326-085502 AM.jpg

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