PAD Paris Design Art

20130328-095015 AM.jpg
PAD, pioneering event for Art and Design aficionados and collectors, has been reinventing for the past 17 years the Cabinet d’Amateur and the notion of eclecticism, anticipating the esthetic aspirations of its time. Season after season, it offers an intimate cocoon to those who have made decorative arts and design the core of their collection, driven by passion and heritage.
Every edition evolves in aim to create an unprecedented dialogue between modern art, historical and contemporary design and jewelry. This year will give greater room to Primitive Art, and will highlight the vitality of raising such perspectives. The engaging aspect of PAD is its invitation to enter a personal collection, conceived by a selection of local and international art dealers – all of whom are leaders in their fields, eager to address each passionate collector in a unique manner. In this salon, mind is enlivened and imagination is exhilarated, as entering a place where the contemporary taste for 20th and 21st century decorative art is born.20130328-095324 AM.jpg20130328-095335 AM.jpg20130328-095353 AM.jpg20130328-095411 AM.jpg20130328-095425 AM.jpg20130328-095445 AM.jpg20130328-095503 AM.jpg20130328-095519 AM.jpg
PAD was my biggest highlight of Paris. In reality, I took more photos here, than in whole Paris! The chairs mostly cost more than 20’000€, deorations and sculptures 50’000€ and paintings by Warhol or Picasso? A cosmic price! While walking from one box to another, from giantic fish, to Mendini chairs, to leopard painting and “Feet” chair I was so amazed with everything! But my 100% favourite was the sofa made from mink fur, and had around and on sides real gold crocodiles and lizards! Maybe it wasn’t really comfortable, but it was art!
20130328-100306 AM.jpg20130328-100336 AM.jpg20130328-100346 AM.jpg20130328-100419 AM.jpg20130328-100407 AM.jpg20130328-100429 AM.jpg20130328-100450 AM.jpg20130328-100504 AM.jpg20130328-100518 AM.jpg20130328-100530 AM.jpg20130328-100622 AM.jpg

20130328-100653 AM.jpg

20130328-100716 AM.jpg

20130328-100728 AM.jpg

20130328-100744 AM.jpg

20130328-100843 AM.jpg
The exhibition/target is located in Tuilleries garden that is really big and beautiful. After Paris (PAD lasts for about 5 day!) moves to Los Angeles with all other labels. The labels and brands that are here come from France, Belgium, England, Switzerland, Philippines and many, many more! As I said I loved this place insanely, the same as all chairs, crystals and even the Restaurant Roberta that served delicious spaghetti!

20130328-101759 AM.jpg

20130328-101813 AM.jpg

20130328-101838 AM.jpg

20130328-101847 AM.jpg

20130328-101858 AM.jpg

20130328-101912 AM.jpg

20130328-101924 AM.jpg

20130328-101937 AM.jpg

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