At Kong

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Kong is an architectural genius and at the same time culinary mistake! Lets start from the good site- Philipe Starck was the interior designer of Kong and he did a very good job. Hr revisted his Kartell classic the Ghost chair that is totally transparent and inspired with Old Era armchairs. He sticked on the back some amazing photos of women- a blonde European, and two Japaneese- one with purple hair and one with a elegant Geisha hairstyle! And the toilets are also fantastic! A big baby is sticked as a wallpaper in it!

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And now the bad part. Service- horrible! If you put your jacket on the chair, the waiter “moans” at you “that you need to take this jacket off because it destroys the restaurants design” or when you come to the restaurant, just taking your place, from nowhere a waitress is rushing to you and asking “are you ready to order the food?”. Even if you still didn’t get the menu… Sick!
If talking about food… Poor. These were very normal European dishes, but all with wasabi, and lemon grass! Just to be more “Asiatic”. The plate of selection of rolls and tempura and meat…how was this connected? And how is it possible to spoil a spring roll? The beef carpaccio in Japanese Style… Aha. Beer Carpaccio in soya. Main course- tuna steak with… Tada, potatos, spinach and boiled carrot with ginger, wasabi and lemon grass! Horrible! :)

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One thought on “At Kong

  1. Too bad! Check if you can go to “Roseval”, they have a crazy waiting list now, but if you’re lucky you can get a table if you call them. It’s completely and utterly amazing food. Really really really….

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