Berlin: Prada Fur Party

20130509-095229 PM.jpg
On 8th of May I was invited to a exclusive party of Prada in Berlin! It was a presentation of new furs and exclusive gowns with the most classical and luxury bags of Prada only for order. Well, I should say I am really impressed! Everything in touch was very delicate and light, and the fabrics were of the highest quality as everything Prada does! The models (one from Poland and other from Croatia) presented the furs in different colours nd prints with magnificient silk under do. The dresses for illusion reminded the Great Gatsby ones I wrote recently, but these were all to order ones. And most beautiful was this black, long gows made of sequins and silk… That was a great event, with some gourmet appetizers and champagne- plus, small very Prada presents! Thanks a lot for this Prada on Kurfürstendamm strasse!

20130509-095908 PM.jpg

20130509-095917 PM.jpg

20130509-095925 PM.jpg

20130509-095935 PM.jpg

20130509-095943 PM.jpg

20130509-095954 PM.jpg

20130509-100002 PM.jpg

20130509-100009 PM.jpg

20130509-100018 PM.jpg

20130509-100028 PM.jpg

20130509-100036 PM.jpg

20130509-100044 PM.jpg

20130509-100055 PM.jpg

20130509-100107 PM.jpg

20130509-100120 PM.jpg

20130509-100128 PM.jpg

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