#DACBE in The Waiting Room


It’s so strange, when you are the person, who writes for magazines, and then… you see yourself in one.

You can’t believe, how happy I am. It’s the first time, when Design & Culture by Ed, my five-year old blog, and my collages (which accompany every fashion show coverage) were featured in a printed magazine! The Waiting Room is a publication that touches on all creative territories, delivering articles on contemporary culture in art and design. The magazine, founded by Mosope Alli, looks forward to still widely unknown artists, fashion’s creative sensations and in-depth, profound interviews. It focuses on art, but in comparison to other big players, Alli tries to leave pretentiousness behind and make a statement – art is all about self-perception. In the first issue of The Waiting Room, I’ve shared my favourite collages from the past few seasons, like military Casely Hayford AW16 for men or Gucci’s Frida Kahlo-inspired collection for women. Also, there’s an interview where I’m discussing my love to collage-making, most inspiring people in the industry I admire and my plans for the future!

For now, The Waiting Room is a university project – but Mosope is having big plans for his “baby”. Hope to hear her soon in magazine industry!






2 thoughts on “#DACBE in The Waiting Room

  1. Im actually so proud of you, I adore ur blog. Such publications just confirms ur talent, and value. U r amazing thank u for ur work.

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