New Year’s Berliner


We are three days into 2017 and it feels like a perfect time for sharing New Year’s resolutions. But this blog isn’t about everyday tips for existence, so I honestly don’t want to write about the unreal new me. I guess reading about losing weight and taking self-care moments is inspirational only during those first free (okay, four) days of the year, so I think additional trashing of the internet with this type of vagueness is a waste of time. I’m entering 2017 with hopes, and I hope this year won’t be so turbulent as the last one – both on global scale and in my personal life. But 2017 is also the year of the rooster: so we should all expect big changes coming, for good and bad.


Right, I’m stopping here with all this reflectiveness. I’ve spent my New Year’s Eve in one of the most beautiful (in every meaning of this word) cities in the entire world – Berlin. Although nearly everything was closed and I just had to spend those few hours on wireless spa lounging, I’ve checked out a few of my Berliner favourites. The Store, which sells everything from Vetements to vintage Interview magazines, always strikes me with its incredible retail concept. For lunch, I tried out the neighboring Cecconi’s: an Italian restaurant kept in a typically ‘SoHO’ style interior. A lot of big-city fuss, dozens of stylish people, yet the food seemed plain (I ate their classical pizza, and beef carpaccio, which had far too much of mayonnaise on it). The next day took me to Qua Phe, a Mitte district mecca. I was 100% sure I won’t be dissapointed. Delicious pork buns, spicy salad, traditional Vietnamese coffee and ginger mochi. I can brunch here literally everyday.

The Store – Torstraße 1 / Cecconi’s – Torstraße 1 / Qua Phe – Max-Bee-Straße 37

All photos by Edward Kanarecki

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