The Sudetes: Royal


You’ve surely noticed that the last few days were pretty quiet on Design & Culture by Ed – but I’m back for good. The truth is I needed a moment for a well-deserved mind detox. To slow down, rest a bit. And going to the Sudetes, a mountainous region located between Poland and Czech Republic, was the best possible choice for me. So, I’ve decided to divide my journal into three parts – here’s the first one, titled ‘Royal’.

The first destination was the precious Książ castle (pronunciation: ksiowsh), which went through turbulent history. Situated on a beautiful, deeply forested hillside, the castle used to be the go-to place for Polish aristocracy and socialites before the First World War. Right now it’s under major reconstruction and refurbishment, but that’s not a problem, as the delightful baroque hall and terrace are truly breath-taking. Just a few steps from the castle, there’s the all-wooden royal horse stable. Actually, I’ve never seen anything like that before – it’s huge. Although I’m not a horse-riding fan, I fell in love with those beautiful creatures that are kept here. What’s more, local riders wear authentic, pre-war gears while they’re up on the horses, which makes this incredible place even more absorbing with its historic aura.

The ‘Wałbrzych Palm House’ arose from the initiative of the last representative of the Hochberg dynasty in Książ castle, Hans Heinrich XV. The Prince had it built for his spouse, Daisy (a passionate lover of flowers and plants). To this day, his expression of love holds a great charm. It’s said to be the only such facility in Poland that has been preserved in its original construction. Inside gardens are my soft spot, so you might imagine how happy I was to walk around this rather niche tourist attraction.

Stay in tune for more posts coming about the Sudetes!

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