The Age of Aquarius is Here!

Dries Van Noten spring-summer 2021

Today is probably the biggest astrological shift of our lives. It begins as Jupiter and Saturn are meeting in the sky, the closest they have been since 1623 – this part is called the ‘Grand Conjunction’. But what’s bigger is that they have both now, this week moved into Aquarius, an air sign which they haven’t been in for over 200 years. They will stay in air signs now for hundreds of years, symbolising the true beginning of the ‘Age of Aquarius’. So, what’s ahead of us? A time of evolution, social awareness, social justice and never before has it been more important to follow your life’s purpose. As @astrologyzone states: “this sets the tone for the ethos for the future affecting the arts, music, theatre, literature, entertainment, designer fashion, food, music, mathematics, science, politics, and the government agenda“. Pretty much everything. In other words, now is the time for some self-reflection and celebration of yourself. Take the time to meditate, appreciate and manifest – whatever makes sense for you. Think about where you want your life to go. Set your intentions, with purpose and love!

Collage by Edward Kanarecki.

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