The Mirror Palais Girl

Mirror Palais is a sultry-slash-sustainable pre-order brand founded in 2019 by Marcelo Gaia. After working for almost a decade as a stylist, Gaia decided to create his own label – with the mission to celebrate the confident women who inspire him. His sumptuous collections feel like a nod to vintage silhouettes – think John Galliano’s 1990s bias-cut silk dreses – updated to fit the needs of the modern woman. The brand made an astounding impression on the industry with its New York Fashion Week show back in September, playing with several themes such as concealment and revelation. Born to immigrant parents from Brazil, Gaia’s years of youth consisted of humble beginnings, and a strict household. Among many brands, Mirror Palais is especially praised for its true celebration of Spanish culture as opposed to the appropriation of it. Gaia designs pieces with inspiration such as the Latino tradition of wearing white for good luck, the Huipil for its ruffles and silhouette, and the use of lace typically seen in a Mantilla. Overall, Mirror Palais is an amazing celebration of the female form and Spanish culture, designing timeless and unique pieces. Every Mirror Palais garment is designed and made in New York with the intention of bringing fair wages and craftsmanship to the forefront of the fashion conversation. So, when you buy Mirror Palais, you’re supporting a modicum of the garment district ecosystem. Here’s the brand’s latest diaphanous bridal collection…

Collage by Edward Kanarecki. Images via Mirror Palais’ website.
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