Boheme. Dries Van Noten AW13

20130227-091153 PM.jpg

Mr. Dries Van Noten, that’s coming from Belgium, is going really boheme this time. First of all everything looks loosy and really affordable. And comfortable. There is a big gender mix- boy meets girl and girl meets boy. It is easy to see by looking just at the shoes! A lot of cashmere sweaters, midi skirts with fluffy feathers in multicolour, everything shines bright as always! A lot of flower print was seen and elegant garments killed with a nonchalant scarves. Very Dries!

20130227-091640 PM.jpg20130227-091705 PM.jpg
And one more time- these dresses and skirts made out of some kind of feathers in fresh colours like red or yellow are great contrast for a grey top! Everything is different, but in a harmony state. Nothing is biting anyhing, but still it keeps a avant-garde tone. Paris boheme from past would be stunned. And I do also. This collection is as great as the last one inspired with grunge and Kurt Cobain (it also had something bohemian in it)!

20130227-092025 PM.jpg

20130227-092101 PM.jpg

Would love to hear what you think!

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