Slide01Karl Lagerfeld again cleared it all straight away- he is the innovator of Couture as every season. The SS14 was so… Feminine. Soft. Girlie. Innoncent. There are hundreds of words that may describe this amazing collection. First of all- no more heels on couture. ONLY SNEAKERS now count. Just like at Dior, but in more cooler way. Cara Delevigne was a beautiful bride in a white wedding gown (that was unexpectly very modest and comfortable!), hands-to-hands with a small boy who looked cute in a tiny Chanel suite. The collection was inspired with sporty chic (that’s why the embroidered trainers and knee defenders) and the simplicity of beautiful dresses- forget long gowns. Now it’s time for mini-dresses and sheer bodysuits. That was a really lovely collection.
_DX11228.450x675 Slide02 Slide03 Slide04 _DX11329.450x675 Slide05 Slide07 Slide08 Slide06 zdjęcie 2 Slide09 Slide10

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