Ancient Dreams. Suno AW14

20140214-093115 PM.jpg
Suno, the adorable New York based label knows how to make best quality clothes so simple and at the same time… Cool. Their AW14 was a mix of New Yorker minimalism and beautiful, Latin American traditional printing & embroidery from the past. Aztecs, Incas, Olmecs- they all found their place in this collection in posture of beautiful tops, trousers and dresses. This collection reminds me a lot of early Celine from 2008, when Phoebe Philo threw the new dimension of over-sized, large navajo styled tunics… That was a real hit back then! I certainly loved the red elements on the last looks- vibrant and radiant at the same time. Surely, Suno is a label to know about…

20140214-093224 PM.jpg

20140214-093231 PM.jpg

20140214-093324 PM.jpg

20140214-093339 PM.jpg

20140214-093348 PM.jpg

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