Gucci Party at Vitkac

Slide2On Wednesday, at 7 in the evening, the Gucci party at Warsaw’s Vitkac started. In this calm, black building, which holds brands like Celine, Saint Laurent or Louis Vuitton, the craftsmen from Tuscany were invited to host a very special event- personalising the Gucci leather products (bags and accessories were welcomed). In a traditional, Italian way, guest’s bags had their initials written on with the iconic gold font, while others could drift away in a huge selection of beautiful clothes and shoes for the fall season. The Bamboo shopper, Jackie clutch and Soho bag were all present. The crowdy, but chic atmosphere was fulfilled with Poland’s hot names: Joanna Horodynska and Justyna Steczkowska, which were both very nice and warm. Everything felt simply perfect, with that luxurious, Italian precision. Thank you Vitkac and Gucci for inviting me and Lena for this fantastic event! Here are some of my photos I took on the party.

zdjęcie 1-kopia

zdjęcie 5-kopia


zdjęcie 1-kopia 3


zdjęcie 5-kopia 2


zdjęcie 2-kopia


zdjęcie 1-kopia 2

zdjęcie 4-kopia


zdjęcie 4-kopia 3

zdjęcie 5-kopia 3

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