Not Art, Not Politics, Not Fashion. Yeezy AW16


Can somebody explain me why the very beginning of ‪#‎NYFW‬ feels like a place where the fashion industry should not belong to in even a tiniest bit? Why the season of ‪AW16‬ starts with a “performance” which doesn’t convey any message or at least any styling tips (no, a Hollister-like parka, a pair of thermal leggings and Wallmart boots are more of “my daily outfit for a walk with my dog” than a “street-style moment” look)? Yes, you can say that the ‪‎Yeezy Season 3‬ show is touching the migration problems that currently paralyse Europe and the USA struggles with understanding diversity and all-skin-colour equality. But the message ‪Kanye West‬ tries to bring on doesn’t move my heart, on topics of politics, art nor fashion – and when I think that the whole event was focused on commerce, commerce and once more, COMMERCE of some Nike-shaming Yeezy-something trainers, it just makes me feel absolutely ignorant about it. Moreover, how can a designer who shames women so deliberately (yes, I read Dazed & Confused often and I’m in tune of all Kanye rants on Twitter, sadly) is even allowed to design anything for WOMEN? Oh, sorry, I used the wrong word. “Design” is surely not the thing West attempts to do – in this case, it’s just about ripping off a bit of Alexander Wang there, Vetements there and colouring it all in Haider Ackermann shades. And what saddens me the most is the fact that people are eager to buy this, and love this.

Dear fashion, if you’re there – leave this fashion-visionnaire-wannabe and Kimye clan alone. Make space for new talents. Let the mass know that fashion is not about sweatpants and beige-pencil skirts. ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

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