Before an actual trip to Copenhagen, I thought of this place in terms of an Instagram filter: one, everything’s extremely minimal, two, people are obsessed with Ganni. The first is a complete myth, the latter is a fact. The city itself stuns with gorgeous, classical architecture (see the Amalienborg, the palace of Danish Royal family) and a widespread fascination with Ancient sculpture – boutique and restaurant interiors clearly suggest that, while the permanent exhibition at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek museum (more about this incredible place soon) seems to be the main source of inspiration. So, the stereotypical, Scandinavian minimalism is only present in the newer architecture that can be spotted a few steps away from the city centre. Other than that, Copenhagen is full of roses (they grow in front of townhouses). Vintage is respected and cherished, as you can easily see lots and lots of old Danish porcelain standing in the window sills or sold in trendy concept stores. People here love a good matcha and fresh pastry (check Atelier September for that). And, yes – the locals dress insanely good, not just during Copenhagen fashion week. Their style is extremely distinct – it’s nothing like the ‘Parisian chic’ or ‘Berlin cool’. It’s about colour, polish, tactility, so many things simultaneously. I think that’s true eclecticism. Also, another observation: women from Copenhagen love their hometown brands. I was surprised to see so many faux fur Saks Potts coats and Ganni knits strolling down the postcard-ish Nyhavn street, worn so… naturally! The only thing that slightly terrified me was the number of stores selling hair clips. You know, the most kitschy ones, with rhinestones and all… at first I was repelled. But then, a Copenhagen person knows how to pull off one of those and look good. That’s an art.

More posts on my favourite addresses in Copenhagen coming up very soon!

Slajd1-kopia 2Slajd2-kopia 3Slajd3-kopiaSlajd4

All photos by Edward Kanarecki.

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